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CodeIgniter in a nutshell

CodeIgniter is a powerful PHP framework for full-range Web applications.

Why to hire CodeIgniter developers from IT Master

If you need a CodeIgniter developer for your personal projects or for your company’s projects we are here to help you. Our company has long-term experience of holding projects for customers all over the world providing outsourcing services or giving chance to hire developers. We can take over either the whole project or only a part of it. Another option is to hire CodeIgniter developers from our team.
When you hire CodeIgniter developers from IT Master you receive experienced, enthusiastic and dedicated professionals, ready either to solve complicated issues or support your current projects.

IT Master developers always use the best practices and we never create hard code. This is what our customers are grateful to us for.


you are on the right way. HIRE CODEIGNITER DEVELOPERS HERE.


Benefits of hiring codeigniter developers in particular

  • high security and efficiency
  • basic system works only with a few very small libraries
  • other libraries are loaded dynamically only for certain processes
  • maintenance of MySQL, PostgreSQL, MSSQL, SQLite, Oracle databases
  • simplicity in mastering processes
  • use of MVC software architecture
  • easy extension of the system thanks to off-site libraries
  • search engine-friendly URLs
  • built-in caching of server SQL-queries and generated HTML-pages
  • database migration support as control system of modifications in database structure

Hire CodeIgniter developer to get the following solution:

  • installation and configuration of CodeIgniter for new website creation
  • transfer of existing site to CodeIgniter platform
  • rework or redesign of existing CodeIgniter site
  • assistance in sites content with texts
  • photo, music and video adding
  • CodeIgniter integration with social networks on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube
  • CodeIgniter website optimization to search engine promotion
  • maintenance and training of our clients
  • You will get a website with various content. It can be
  • website development from scratch
  • your own CMS development
  • forum development for your website
  • your own CMS development
  • social network development
  • Internet-shop development


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