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Chatbot Platform for Facebook

Nowadays business dealing became more flexible and mobile. Our customers faced with the problem of saving their time in social network communication with their clients. So we created a platform for the rapid creation and management of chatbot in Facebook.


Just imagine. The whole day you are busy as a one-armed paperhanger: you need to order lunch, exchange tickets for the plane, choose tasty products and deliver them home, order a taxi. And you have your personal secretary (and even a friend). Secretary chargeless. It always fulfills all requests quickly, it does not take sick leave, it quickly learns and improves itselfs. It answers all questions at any time of the day or night.


Who is this all-mighty secretary?


This is your friend, chatbot.


Chatbot is a program developed on the basis of machine learning technologies. The chatbot is created and trained for a certain range of purposes by human and for human.


Chatbots gain their popularity and our customers wanted to be on the waves of success and considered about spending their time.
Our Team had a great experience to develop a platform for chatbot creation with Facebook configuration. It includes a free online service for creating chatbots using built-in features and tools. The platform supports integration with Facebook and allows users to create programs that use simple commands to communicate with the user in the messenger window.


This platform can gin up a new look for many spheres of business, facilitate and automate management.


Each user of the site platform is able to configure his bot, i.e. to supply it with a chain of questions and answers for communicating through Facebook messenger with subscribers Facebook pages. User just need to register with Facebook account on platform and to start realise ideas related to own bot.


User is also able to create clients own replies for chatbot (chain of answers and questions) which are matched to his purposes.


Engineering challenge


1) There isn't any similar chatbot which is configured with Facebook except one which were developed by Facebook team. That is why our first step was to contact with FB support and ask for permission. The search of appropriate documentation was a kind of challenge because it isn't freely available on the Internet.


2)The next step was to set appropriate APIs between chatbot admin panel and Facebook.


How does it work?


All features for chatbot can be implemented through Admin panel. This panel includes functional verification of the bot admin. Admin can see all request and all information of followers and subscribers which is proved on their Facebook profile and create unique dialogue tree. In addition admin can develop several chat bot for each page on Facebook.


Chatbot has following functional’ giving the answers to client’s questions and broadcasting your messages among clients).


Look at this schemas to understand how these operations are carried out in global vision.




Chatbots development for IT Master Soft is always a challenging pleasure. We had been also engaged in the creation of the News Crypto Trade BOT


So don't deny the apps which can optimize your working process! Keep abreast of the times!


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