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Our team of experienced programmers can develop different web & app booking systems from scratch or refine your own one. We adapt it for your business (restaurant, accommodation, hotel booking systems etc). You can see the example of our developed accommodation booking system for our client. After this, please, contact us and our experts will answer all your questions.


The main desire of our customer was to get the platform that gives an opportunity to find different variants of staying for the night. The biggest challenge was to make this system usable for people who don’t have big experience in surfing the Internet. The usage of our unique IT Master Platform influenced the quality and functionality of the final product.

Project Team:

1 team leader, 2 developer, 1 project manager

What we did for...

Our customers:

  • easy-to-use admin panel
  • multilingual functionality
  • possibility to add big amount of roles with different permission level
  • function to add a hotel manager
  • total control of the website
  • content management
  • user-friendly order control

appointment booking app

Platform Users:

  • advanced search of suitable variants
  • integration of worldwide payment system PayPal
  • well-established mailing system
  • minimal data input during the ordering

room booking app

Third parties (hotel managers)

  • possibility to upgrade the hotel rating in search results
  • possibility to manage the hotel on the website
accommodation booking app

Project Duration:

October - December 16


accommodation booking system

By trusting this project to us our customer got the website, that gives the opportunity to make profit and to simplify the process of accommodation search for a unlimited target audience all over the world. It is now easy to manage orders and responses and discount requests. Moreover, we made it possible to delegate tasks from Super Admin to Hotel Manager. This way we divide the labour and help managers focus on customers acquisition. Everything is possible thanks to the user-friendly Admin panel, based on easy-to-use platform.

our plans for future

php hotel booking system
additional filter options
appointment booking software
Google Maps API integration
php hotel booking system
appointment booking software
room categorization and availability in calendar
web design for accommodation
additional room features integration
accommodation booking system php
comments and ratings

registration + login
hotel booking project in php
cities adding

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