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A hierarchical structure for multi-level projects

More and more frequently, entrepreneurs come to us to develop their business model and extend their sales structure. They need a hierarchical multi-level model with a large number of users or distribution partners.


It is especially important for the client that

  • each user has their own personal cabinet
  •     with reliable protection of personal data,
  •     with a clear and convenient internal product management system.
  •     with a variety of payment systems correctly configured.
  • admin can manage and coordinate the system operation

User's cabinet

  • sign in
  • through social networks
  • through the referral link.
  • on the site with the input of personal data.

  • log in/log out
  • account deleting
  • management of internal products (in accordance with user roles)
  • adding / removing documents of different types
  • shop with a typical viewing and purchasing functionality



Admin side

  • user management. Users can be viewed, edited, locked and deleted with all data. management of user roles.
  • management of all categories such as blog, gallery, store, etc.
  • adding, editing, deleting and blocking items in the store
  • user database view

Typical challenges and solutions offered to our customers

?  MLM-models are often quite specific and are accompanied by complex logical / mathematical operations and for client it is extremely important that their unique business idea with a certain number of levels and the person in each line, etc. is realized.

!   In this case, the team of programmers needs to understand the whole process, apply the formula correctly and сreate an appropriate architecture (design the database). Therefore we approach the requirements collecting stage and the implementation of functional bonuses and compensations within the business plan of the customer with proper responsibility.


?  How to solve the issue of visual representation of the structure and location of the user in all this diversity?

!  We have implemented various ways to display the structure, among other things
- in the form of a user tree structure
- in the form of a table


?  What should you pay attention to during making changes to existing systems (especially in tree structure, inheritance, etc.)?

!  You should be careful with the connections in the tree, because a large number of users have to be aware of that everyone has their place, and not free floating, because Network Marketing is a network with fixed units, which has parents and children, and it should not break off. This process is accompanied by the processing of a large amount of data, as well as the tree search./p>


?   The more users and nesting levels are in the system, the harder it is to calculate the different bonuses and the more computing power the server needs.

!  That's why we constantly carry out preliminary tests and optimizations of the web application.


?  Security is important, as some users can create fake users account and thus accrue bonuses .

!  We solve it through user verification systems, when the end user, in order to use all the services of the system, must confirm their identity by uploading documents, etc.

Payment Systems

When setting up the whole ecommerce cycle, an important attention is paid to the correct connection of various payment systems to the choice of the system end-user



At the same time, payment accounts are stored as a confirmation in the system in the form of a pdf document and available to the user in his personal account.



And the admin has constant access to the database of users, statistics and information about payment.



As a result,  the customer receives the product with further developed system. Such website can always be expanded, in other words new functions can be implemented (according to the needs of the owner), which will make even more profit. The created platform is suitable for the large number of customers and completely safe.


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