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News Crypto Trade BOT

“Trading news monitoring together with cryptocurrencies purchasing at one place”


Bots have been spreading all over the world on different platforms and have already gained the fame of time savers. Our customer, who is closely engaged with cryptocurrencies trading and ICOs . has decided to make life of the crypto traders and those interested in crypto world news people easier by developing a smart solution for widely used Telegram application. The work is proceeded by connecting different Twitter news channels to Telegram app via its BOT API.





  • - Access and monitoring of always fresh trading news
  • - Translation into any added language


  • - Easy crypto currencies purchasing ways
  • - Connecting up to 3 trading accounts of different cryptocurrency trading platforms
  • - Buying - selling of cryptocurrencies at a market price
  • - Stop Loss and Take Profit configurations as additional features



  • - % interest from the user’s payment


Connection to the administrative panel website, developed on IT Master custom platform gives access to the data on the web platform and allows to manage all processes


Admin Panel contains

  • - Full user information
  • - Partnership programs
  • - translations


Admin Panel contains

  • - 6 API services
  • - Decentralized system of messages processing
  • - Management of the priorities and messages queues
  • - Automated adjustment and configuration of new chat rooms and bots
  • - Distribution and management of users with connection to different chat rooms and bots



By applying to IT Master experts, our customer got the high quality complex solution, that allows users not only to find exact news channels with fresh crypto trading information, but also to purchase cryptocurrencies easily at one place without any extra “movements” at an affordable price, while all of the processes are regulated through administrative website.



PHP 7, MySQL, IT Master custom platform based on Yii2 Framework , Web Socket




Telegram BOT API


BOTs development for IT Master is always a challenging pleasure. We had been also engaged in the creation of the Chatbot platform for Facebook , so we are exactly what you need


Be our next challenge!

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