Data processing platform

Online trading is much more effective now

Data processing platform has developed a unique technology that finds and analyses most of the trade signals in social networks and shows a synthesis of analysts' views in the real time.

Project Team:

1 project manager 2 web-developers 1 designer

What we did for...

...our customers

  • built a semantic nucleus for pips analysis
  • integrated an effective PayPal payment system
  • created an easy-to-use admin panel
  • arranged sms- and e-mail-informing


  • arranged collecting signals from traders' networks
  • organized signals analysis via „positive“ and „negative“ key words
  • integrated statistics of loss / profit of trading analysts
  • provided regular sending of the analysis results to users

  • connected an affiliate site in order to collect more leads
  • gave partner's clients an opportunity to recieve signals through their service
  • provided them with visualized current analytics and overall statictics

Project Duration:

Feb'15 - Jan'16

Engineering Challenges

Radar Robot

Our Robot (recieving and analyzing of traders' opinions) was created with MQL language.


Automated trading

Our Developers organized automated trading in the way that the minute the signal is recieved by the user, it gets processed and the stakes are made automatically. As a result the user doesn't have to waste time on searching and analyzing of financial market trends.


As a result our customer has got a fully automated web platform for quality data processing, analysis and statistics realized on the basis of social networks.



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