Crossposting Tool

Social media has never been that easy...

Crossposting Tool - is a useful tool for social media management. It appeared as an idea of connecting all networks in one resource. However during the designing process we transformed it into a full-stack instrument of ruling promotional campaigns.

Project Team:

1 project manager 3 web-developers 1 designer

What we did for...

For our customers

  • effective payment system
  • connection to an affiliate site in order to collect more leads
  • customer support chat and e-mail informing

For business owners

  • full control over promotional campaign
  • hierarcal structure of company (companies, sub-companies, employers)
  • notification system for employees

For content managers

  • posts scheduling
  • easy-to-use stats data
  • discount coupons design for social networks
  • generating suggested posts
  • ready-made accounts design

Project Duration:

Aug'14 - Mar'15

Engineering Challenges

Creating a built-in Coupon and Voucher System

Our team of developers created a full-stack software for designing promotional material. The system enables companies to offer sale to customers using ready-made mock-ups.

Realizing stats visualization via HighCharts JS

An innovative dashboard is created to measure the effectiveness of company's social activity and understand customers' engagement and interests. 

Connection to the affiliate site via REST API

We connected this site to an affiliate site in order that our customer collects more leads. As a result, users who sign in on our site give their data to the similar resource automatically.


As a result our customer has got a responsive web site - resource that provides an integrated content strategy. Having created a full-stack tool we allowed the users either to upload media library or to generate images from the local database. Warbble has become one of the primary drivers in social media management. Nowadays the tool comes in handy both for business owners and for individual users. 

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