Financial e-commerce platform

From emergency situation to long-term relationship…

This is how our story begun. Our customer appealed to us with an almost ready system, a well-known cryptocurrency project platform. Just before the launch in June'16 the system has shown a lot of drawbacks, and bad quality code started to reveal itself. We started from code rewriting and realized the whole stack of additional functionality, that makes users and admins satisfied today.

Project Team:

1 project-manager 5 web-developers 1 designer

What we did for...

Our customer

  • code rewriting using best practices of CodeIgniter
  • bonuses recalculation script
  • DB backup management, not peculiar for CodeIgniter
  • Piwik integration in order to see the website statistics
  • Database work optimization

Platform managers

  • Mail Management System
  • Add Week of discounts functionality to the Admin panel
  • Backoffice translation to Russian
  • Landing pages rewriting in order to use CodeIgniter Installation
  • Dashboard customization

Platform users

  • 5 most popular payment systems integration
  • news display in Dashboard
  • KYC - users' ID documents ciphering in order to protect their data
  • Integration with another website SWISSCOIN Academy. Users are signed up logged in the Academy automatically and access to the educational courses rises according to the purchased packages.

Project Duration:

May'16 - now

Engineering Challenges

Bonuses calculation

Bonus system realized in order to develop users' careers. 5 types of bonuses with different logic used to be launched by cron (not controlled). Now they are managed by PHP configuration(controlled).

Splits programming according to business plan. Mining tool development.

Our developers were talented enough to elaborate the formulae according to which tokens are recalculated automatically on the selected date. Therefore mining process works correctly and without failures.


As a result we have a functioning cryptocurrency project with crons operating properly. Admins find it easy to manage the system, when everything can be changed in their dashboard. Quality code enables them to include additional functionality. Managers are now caoable of giving out discounts and thus the company has more success. Users are happy to be registered in the Academy and experience the results of their career growth.

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