Project development cost depends on the website type, presence of this or that complicated functionality. Below for your information there are two website categories characterised by minimal stack of functionality.

In order to get a real project development cost, be it a website from scratch, code refactoring, or existing project support, you can send us your project ideas or requirements and get a free estimate.



Websites development prices

Hourly work

Average Price from 20€ per hour

Hourly rate depends on the qualification of the developer who does the work.


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Simple information website

Average Price start from 180€
Timeframe 1-4 weeks

The factors that influence the development timeframe and the cost of the site:

  • platform selection (Wordpress, Joomla, custom framework development)
  • design complexity
  • quantity of text and graphic content
  • necessity of filling in the site with content

E-commerce site

Average Price start from 450€
Timeframe from 2 weeks

The following is included into the basic (minimal) price:

  • goods catalog
  • shopping cart
  • personal account of the user with the orders history and the possibility to place an order selecting the delivery and payment method.

However exact cost depends on those functions which should be implemented on the site. Additional functions include connection of various API for cost calculation of delivery depending on weight of goods and its overall dimensions or connection of bank payment systems where you have been serviced as well as other payment systems such as PayPall, Skrill, etc.


Among specified factors the cost and development terms are influenced by the factors specified in the previous section.

Monthly site support

Average Price

100€ monthly

  • monitoring of the site and its competitors in the network
  • payment of the reference weight and article promotion correspondence with the hosting provider, Google and other third-party services technical task for designers and developers.
  • tracking of content theft
  • adjustment of meta tags and titles
  • monitoring of search queries closed to the top

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